Expert Installations Environment

We take our responsibility to the planet seriously and strive to reduce any negative impact that our business activities may have on the environment to a manageable and responsible level. We aim to protect the environment as best we can in everything we do, every day.

Expert Installations run a modern fleet and all of our vehicles are well maintained, regularly serviced and comply with low emissions initiatives such as the London Low Emission Zone. Our drivers are trained to drive in an environmentally aware manner and we plan our journeys to minimise travelling between jobs, where possible using local teams for local jobs. Having our network of depots throughout the UK and operating regional teams from those depots helps reduces the distance travelled by our vehicles and thus reduce exhaust emissions.

We operate a waste segregation scheme at all of our depots whereby cardboard, metal, wood and general wastes are all separated. Our waste partners ensure that general waste is further segregated, treated and disposed of in the most environmentally sustainable manner possible. We encourage our customers to utilise environmentally friendly packaging materials wherever possible.

“Our people are all encouraged to follow the ‘Reduce, Re-use, Recycle’ principles in both their work and home lives and we have a ‘not in use, switch it off’ policy at all of our depots and offices”

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